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NEWS 07/06/24 to 07/12/24

Project 2025 was created a few years ago and is Trump’s 922-page instruction manual for drastically changing our democracy into a dictatorship in the first 180 days/6 months, which he’s now trying to deny he had anything to do with and says he only agrees with some of it – all of it is BAD).  It was created by The Heritage Foundation who brought Trump his 3 Supreme Court Justices, and is supported by 100 other right-wing organizations.

So, to translate Project 2025, “As long as the left gives us everything we want (which includes no recreational sex) we won’t use guns & violence.”


The choice?  Biden will be surrounded by a superb cabinet of people. Trump will be surrounded by inmates.

The 2nd most important ruling from this Supreme Court (1st Immunity, 3rd Voting Rights, 4th Women’s Health Care: 

How the Supreme Court’s blockbuster ‘Chevron’ ruling puts countless regulations in jeopardy

The Chevron ruling has been used for decades to balance an agency’s need to oversee with their expertise, with an agency’s tendency to overstep, and it has worked well.  Now, judges with no scientific expertise will have to decide.

THIS IS THE CONSEQUENCE OF trump APPOINTING 3 MAGA SUPREME JUSTICES.  If elected again, he will appoint 2 more that will be on the court for GENERATIONS.


He’s not only a brilliant comic but an insightful citizen.  Please check out this short video about the propaganda-power of social media as it exists now. 3.5 min video:  They would have let Hitler buy ads’: Sacha Baron Cohen’s scathing attack on Facebook https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDTOQUvpw7I

“The whole world is dreading Trump becomes President.  Not only will America cease to exist but the whole world order can change.  At best, America disappears.  At worst, the U.S. will throw its weight behind Trump’s favorite dictators, Putin of Russia, Xi Jinping of China and his most favorite, Kim Jong Un of North Korea.”

In some states people start voting as early as September!

Watch “Bad Faith” on Prime, you have to search for this 1.5 hr documentary and it costs $.99 to rent, but it explains how White (UN-) Christian Nationalists plotted to take over our government and destroy democracy, starting with the White Supremacy Movement in the 60’s cloaking itself as a religious movement.  It explains how they believe that if the government is based on God that it’s good, otherwise it’s evil, all is black and white.

Who’s not for “smaller government” now?

Trump ally, The Heritage Foundation, the conservative think tank responsible for the current Supreme Court and Project 25, has publicly called for using the federal labor law to limit the ability of private employers to provide coverage that includes abortions in states with abortion restrictions.  The proposed change could make it vastly more difficult for residents of states with abortion bans to obtain abortions by traveling out-of-state.  Trump has called for a national abortion ban.

A long, vicious game, replacing much esteemed Thurgood Marshall with Republican puppet Thomas in 1991…Ayanna Pressley Outlines Damning Link Between Project 2025 and Supreme Court Corruption, 4 min video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3a8TeN1FkyA

Propaganda disguised as women:  China and Russia have long used fake females to spread propaganda and disinformation. These campaigns often exploit people’s views of women. Some appear as wise, nurturing grandmothers dispensing homespun wisdom, while others mimic young, conventionally attractive women eager to talk politics with older men.

RFK Jr.’s Family Doesn’t Want Him to Run. Even They May Not Know His Darkest Secrets.



Last month on CNN, RFK said that Biden is more dangerous to our Democracy than Trump. Perhaps RFK wants a position in trump’s cabinet?

RFK throws around the catchy phrase “forever wars” but what precisely is he saying?  Using FEAR not facts.  Is he saying the US should not have gotten involved in WW2 to fight Hitler?  

Biden got out of Afghanistan.  Putin invaded Ukraine less than 2 years ago. Are you aware that 1% of the US Defense Budget goes towards weapons for Ukraine?  And 100% of those weapons are made in the US, which means the money stays in the US.

trump has said that he will let PUtin do whatever he wants in Eastern Europe, which includes invading Poland and the Balkans after he takes Ukraine.  trump said Netanyahu can do whatever he wants and should BLOW UP GAZA, so Netanyahu is waiting for trump to win.

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