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ELEPHANTS IN OUR ROOMS ~ 02/22/21 ~02/28/21

Transgender physician calmly shuts down Rand Paul’s smear campaign during confirmation hearing While DeJoy was gloating ‘Get used to me’ in hearing, Biden was engineering his ouster Transgender physician calmly shuts down Rand Paul’s smear campaign during confirmation hearing Florida man, desperate to retain ‘right’ to discriminate, defies separation of church and state Daily Kos relies on …

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New Stories on Johnson & Johnson vaccine bury the lede — and the lede is GREAT news! Great news today!  The Johnson & Johnson 1 dose vaccine is getting approved!  This is wonderful as it has the potential to speed up the ability to get people vaccines. Not only is this great because it is another vaccine to …

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After acquittal, Trump 2024? Maybe not so fast

[TRUMP WORKED FOR PUTIN; HIS APPOINTEES—crybaby Kavanaugh & anti-choice Barrett—WILL BE REMOVED (I hope) WHEN PROVEN. Trump proposed them; he, as NOT OUR PRESIDENT, had no power to do so, so the Senate could not appoint them since THEY LACKED NOMINATION BY A LEGITIMATE U.S. PRESIDENT.] Written by Mark Sherman WASHINGTON – Former President Donald Trump’s acquittal …

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by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D.. BIDEN: We voted you in for, besides beating Trump, addressing racism, climate change, forgiving student loan debt, welcoming refugees, citizen-izing Dreamers, universal health care, curbing police violence, rejoining the international community: MINIMUM WAGE & LIFE SUPPORT. $15 per hour. Get it.

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Elephants in Our Rooms ~ 02/15/21 to 02/21/21

Police officials grapple with post-Jan. 6 reality: Extremism in their own ranks is problem No. 1  Female Marine’s viral TikTok about her accused assaulter spurs investigation into Marine Corps  Trump is gone but his enablers still remain in Congress. Donate $1 now to take back each of these key Republican Senate seats in 2022. With …