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NEWS 06/21/24 to 06/28/2024

JoJo From Jerz

The New York Times claims Liberals are “burnt out” right now when it comes to the election.

That we’re “exhausted.”

So, let’s talk about that shall we.

Because you see, my 11-year old daughter has fewer rights today than I did at her age and I know that if we get this election wrong, what remains at present of her right to bodily autonomy will be taken from her too.

I know that if we get this election wrong, that there won’t be a blue state she can go to for an abortion, not even one which would save her life. I know that she likely will be forced, along with all women and every other girl her age, to enter her menstrual cycles into a federal database so the government can track her “ability to breed”, and I know that she won’t have access to IVF or contraception. I know that those realities aren’t hyperbolic musings based on a hunch.

I know, because they’ve told us what they’ll do. They tell us every single day.

So while I’d really love to tap the fuck out right now, unfortunately, it just ain’t an option.

You see, I don’t have the luxury of being “burnt out”, because the other side is really fucking busy banning books, whitewashing history, arming teachers, normalizing school shootings, glorifying extrajudicial violence, weaponizing court picks, undermining justice, emboldening intolerance, dismantling democracy, rolling back the clock on women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights and the rights of every single already marginalized minority group in this country while stoking racism, sexism and xenophobia at the same damn time.

They’re out there trying to make it easier to marry a child, easier to pray in school, easier to discriminate, easier to keep people from voting, easier to get your hands on a weapon of war, easier to put a teenager to work in a meat packing plant, easier for women to be abused, easier to deny science, easier to keep information and education out of the hands of the masses, all while also doing everything they can to make it easier for a sociopathic fucking traitor to take control of a government he not so long ago, tried to overthrow.

I’m too worried about my gay friends, my trans friends, my Latino friends, my Jewish and my Arab friends to let any amount of exhaustion make me quit.

I’m too worried that the Supreme Court a rapist got to seat 1/3 of, seems hell bent on rewarding that same traitorous sexual predator with the ability to commit murder at will, just so long as it means THEY still get their fancy fishing trips and mortgages paid.

I’m too worried about more school shootings, mall shootings, movie theater shootings, parade, doctor’s office, grocery store, church and concert shootings to just give up.

I’m a single mom of two kids. I’m always fucking tired. I wake up fucking tired. And yes, it is extra fucking exhausting to have to constantly contend with the hateful, cruel, regressive agenda being imposed upon us by a bunch of Christofascist white dudes who know their fragile hold on power is being taken from their old man hands because the world continues to evolve around them. But I am not now, nor will I ever be “burnt out” on defending this democracy.

And I know for a fact that I am not alone. There are tens of millions of us who feel the same damn way.

The New York Times wants to sell its papers by saying we’re too tired to go on.

But we want to stop fascists.

So we’re gonna do that first, and then we can nap.

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