Janet Kira Lessin, News

NEWS 05/22 to 05/27/2024

Donald Trump is preparing to lose, and check out the desperation of Ted Cruz

Trump chickens out after insisting he wanted to testify at his trial
So much for all of his big talk that turned out to be more lies.

Democrats are putting filibuster reform on the ballot
Let’s gooooooooooo!

Ted Cruz pretends to care about IVF in desperate bid for reelection
Who does he think he’s fooling?

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Cartoon: Alito’s flag
The Supreme Court justice’s treatment of the stars and stripes is a huge red flag.

Trump isn’t preparing to win—he’s preparing to lose
He’s laying the groundwork for a fierce battle in November.

Sen. JD Vance tries to spin past praise for Hungary’s authoritarian leader
He’s not “endorsing every single thing.” Well, that makes it better!

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Marco Rubio joins list of VP hopefuls who won’t accept election results
They really hate democracy.

Former Trump EPA head hopes for a second chance to destroy the planet
In case you think they didn’t do enough damage in the first Trump term, yes, they have plans for more.

Baltimore bridge tragedy spurs empathy from Biden, blame from GOP
There’s no tragedy they won’t exploit.

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Watch Rachel Maddow interview embattled Georgia DA on Trump case
As usual, Maddow nails it.

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