Plan to Overturn 2020 Elections, Tersichore Maras Lindeman

A QAnon Leader, Convicted Grifter & Time-Traveling Liar Wants You to Buy Her a Tesla

A QAnon Leader, Convicted Grifter, & Time-Traveling Liar Wants You to Buy Her a Tesla.

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Terpsichore Maras-Lindeman is a convicted fraud. A professional liar. A conspiracy theorist. And she wants your money.



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QAnon promotor, Terpsichore Maras-Lindeman, has a plan to overturn the 2020 election and needs your money to do it. Her legal strategy is simple. She claims vote-counting equipment used in states across the country was ‘not properly certified’. In her analysis, this allows aggrieved voters to file “quo warranto” lawsuits. This arcane legal action requires an officeholder to show “by what warrant an office or franchise is held, claimed, or exercised”. If they can’t, they can be replaced with a QAnon representative until a new election is held.

It makes as much sense as Trump’s claim he will be reinstated in August. But it does provide Maras-Lindeman with a steady income. She has worked hard to develop her presence on the gamer streaming site Twitch, which is a useful tool to monetize paranoia. So far in 2021, she has raked in tens of thousands of dollars (and a new Tesla)

Ohio is Ground Zero for her legal fantasy. On January 29th she announced on her Twitch channel, ‘@ToreSays’:

“Ohio’s gonna be lit, next week we’re gonna be setting some serious fires.” 

Then, she issued a warning to lawmakers:

“You want a great reset? Here it is. We’re gonna do it our way, and that’s by eliminating you.” 

Genevieve Oh, a live-streaming analyst, who has been closely tracking Maras-Lindeman’s activity on Twitch for months, reports that her efforts are paying off. “Looking at her followers’ messages and reactions, she seems to have legitimately convinced her viewers they’re going to take Ohio Senate and House of Representatives seats through this movement,”

So far, over 60 people in Ohio have signed up to take part in this mass lawsuit filing (aka “Operation 1776”) But much as chief conspiracy theorist Trump promises and doesn’t deliver, nothing has yet come of the plan — except for the handing over cash part.

And in another Trumpian move, Maras-Lindeman has taken credit for a similar effort in Arizona, where “We The People” filed a quo warranto lawsuit, with 19 people demanding that 19 elected officials —or “inadvertent usurpers,” as they were called in the filing—vacate their seats. She had nothing to do with it, but still crowed on her Telegram channel

“So proud of my team in AZ. We worked hard to get this out there and all because @ToreSays taught us how to fight.”

This is not Maras-Lindemans’ first run at a scam nor is it her first involvement in the lunacy of the 2020 election deniers. She first came to national attention as an ‘expert witness’ in one of Sidney Powell’s Kraken cases.  

She provided Powell with an affidavit in which she identified herself as a “private contractor with experience gathering and analyzing foreign intelligence” in addition to being a “trained Cryptolinguist.” She offered testimony to suggest that foreign government actors interfered with election results and implicates electronic voting software used to tabulate ballots across the country.

Nothing in her resume points to where she acquired this experience. Perhaps it was when she was in the Navy, for less than a year, 20 years ago. (No mention is made of what kind of discharge she received.)

Her credibility is further strained by false claims to imaginary professional qualifications. As the Washington Post reported In December last year.

In a recent civil fraud case, attorneys for the state of North Dakota said that Maras-Lindeman falsely claimed to be a medical doctor and to have both a PhD and an MBA. They said she used multiple aliases and social security numbers and created exaggerated online résumés as part of what they called “a persistent effort . . . to deceive others.”

The civil fraud case in question was brought in 2018 by North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem after Maras-Lindeman had used funds raised by her holiday event “A Magic City Christmas” in violations of consumer fraud and charitable solicitation laws. She falsely claimed that the city of Minot ND and the Bank of North Dakota were sponsors of the event. And continued to do so even when they both told her to feck off.

She used the money, which went directly to her corporate account, for fast food and QVC purchases. And transferred funds from it whenever her personal account ran low.

Taking another page from the Trump playbook. She denies everything. Says it’s a big misunderstanding, Thought she was acting within the law. And has sued the State AG for bringing the case in the first place. She has already used the courts three times to bring small claims against corporations in ND. And apparently, using different names and identities has done so in other states.

She has also claimed to be a time traveler.

I’ll let her own words paint a picture. The following is from a CV she posted to You can ask yourself if this what an intelligent person with a glittering resume would write — or is it the inarticulate boasting of a charlatan?I am a diversely educated professional over 15 years experience attained CONUS and OCONUS within military, federal and international environments covering consumer markets, commodities, cyberspace, financial products and most recently healthcare. During my career in the military and federal posts I was able to obtain exceptional on the job training and education that assisted me in the diverse assignments and positions I have held.Furthermore, working with two large Cancer Centers in the US I am on the team undergoing Phase II Human Trials on a drug to fight pediatric osteosarcoma that I created.

Sounds legit.

And people send her money. 

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