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ELEPHANT NEWS 04/16 to 04/30/21

ICYMI: Here are the top stories of the week so far:

Noted Norwegian COVID conspiracy theorist dies of COVID

CNN host throws back Ted Cruz words for faux outrage over Maxine Waters Chauvin case comments

MyPillow CEO getting pranked into believing he’s talking to Trump is the best thing on internet

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Police searching for suspect and motives in acid attack that left NYC woman blind

New York Times offers a breathtakingly audacious argument about U.S. politics

Cartoon: The defense rests

Ohio Republican who presided over party’s 2018 House losses resigning from Congress

Trump is gone but his enablers still remain in Congress. Donate $1 now to take back each of these key Republican Senate seats in 2022.

Pelosi’s efforts to launch independent probe of the Jan. 6 siege run into giant GOP unreality bubble

‘Do you speak English?’ Minnesota cops add insult to injury when they brutalize journalists of color

Oath Keepers’ blithe interview demonstrates how little we have learned since Oklahoma City

Biden administration capitalizes on growing rift between American businesses and the GOP

Sign the petition to ABC, CBS and NBC: Stop ignoring climate change

Will Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot resign? Activists hope so

Republican orgs spent more than $1 mil buying GOP books to pad best-seller lists last election cycle

‘This wasn’t policing. This was murder’: Prosecutor makes open and shut case of Chauvin’s fate

Sign the petition: Urge Congress pass the Washington, D.C. Admission Act! It’s time for D.C. statehood!

Hundreds gather to protest 13-year-old’s killing following release of body cam footage

Republicans pretend to offer help on infrastructure, ‘moderate’ Democrats pretend like they mean it

Tracking Biden’s promises to Black America: Black leaders remind him of his priorities

ICYMI: Here are the top stories of the week so far:
Federal judge warns that Trump could be in yuuuuuge legal trouble

‘Bullhorn lady’ openly mocked a judge’s order to wear a mask in public. Then a judge found out

More drip, drip, drip about frat boy Matt Gaetz. One of his ex-girlfriends is freaking out

ICYMI: Here are the top stories of the week so far:

Daily Kos Recommended
Justice Sotomayor shreds Kavanaugh opinion expanding life without parole for juveniles

Watch the moment John Kennedy learns Stacey Abrams brings nothing but facts when she speaks

‘Black lives don’t f—ing matter’: Video captures ex-Army man in racist ‘all lives matter’ rant

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If Fox News seems a little desperate to reengage viewers, maybe that’s because it is

Cartoon: Justice for Adam

Republicans wait to see if Trump’s choice leaves Texas for a Georgia Senate run

Just one House Republican joins Democrats to pass legislation preventing a future Muslim ban

Republican state legislators have introduced more than 360 bills in 47 states that would restrict voting rights. Donate $5 to these grassroots groups to fight back.

Brazil’s Bolsonaro makes the planet an offer it can’t refuse … but they have to reject Bolsonaro

Ted Cruz’s latest straight-faced dishonesty: ‘You didn’t see us try to pack the court’

Police arrest man in connection with not one but two anti-Asian hate crimes in California

We’re rapidly approaching the time to stop catering to ‘vaccine holdouts’

Write, sign and send a short postcard to tell President Biden why he should stand up to Big Pharma and #Freethevaccine.

Postmaster General DeJoy is running a ‘covert operation’ to monitor social media

Two inspector general reports show how Trump officials punished Puerto Rico and undercut the EPA

Republicans demonstrate again how incapable they are at governing with infrastructure offer

GOP officials threaten to bar protestors from student loans, food stamps, unemployment and other aid

Sign the petition demanding Congress pass President Biden’s American Jobs Plan and his Made in America Tax Plan to create millions of jobs for working families, rebuild our communities, and invest in our country’s future.

House passes bill on statehood for Washington, D.C.—let’s be clear what’s at stake

Even with a guilty verdict for Chauvin, anti-Black police violence continues

The pandemic has proved standardized testing isn’t necessary. Why are we resuming it?

Listen to The Brief, a Daily Kos podcast: Marc Elias, the GOP’s minority rule, Chauvin trial verdict

ICYMI: Here are the top stories of the week so far:
Federal judge warns that Trump could be in yuuuuuge legal trouble

Minnesota hockey coach dies after being punched over social distancing concerns

Noted Norwegian COVID conspiracy theorist dies of COVID

ICYMI: Here are the top stories of the week so far:

ICYMI: Here are the top stories of the week so far:

ICYMI: Here are the top stories of the week so far:

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